Bicallis Ad Tertius Universitas (Economic And Commercial Platform On “Execution Of Future” System) Presenteth Its Coins System, Based On Efficiency (What The Entity Who Projecteth A Coin, Can Achieve, Quality Of Achievements, Etc.):

Examples (Thou Can Project Thy Own coin, Basing On Thy Skills, Achievements, Quality, Efficiency, Etc.):

Bicalliscoins: Based On Products And Services Offered On (Value Defined By Free Competence With Similar Products And Services),

Ayxcoins: Based On Genetics – Chemistry Perspectives – Existences – Realities From

Y-Gcoins: Based On Ideas – Achievements, Strategies And Solutions For A Better World, On

Transactions: When An Entity Receiveth “x” coins, Those Coins Art Converted From The Coin Of The Giver Entity, To The Coin Of The Receiver Entity… According On The Value Of Each Coin (Defined By Skills, Achievements, Efficiency, Quality Level, Etc.

Then, The Entity Who Received Coins (Converted To Its Own Coin), Can Use Its Obtained Coins To Another Transaction With Any Entities (And Their Coins). The Conversion Process Is Repeated And The New Receiver Entity Geteth Coins (Converted To Its Own Coin).

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