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Bicallis Ad Tertius Universitas Is The Commercial Section Of Yaxche In Visum Umbrarum Network For A Better World.

Our Mission Is To Improve Commerce / Economy, Basing On Our Systems (See: “Sector “Ejecucion Del Futuro” – Economia Y Emprendimiento – Por Spiritus Umbrarum.).

Bicallis Ad Tertius Universitas Is An Organization (In “Execution Of Future” System) With The Vision Of Achieving Economic Stimulation By Commercial Improvement And Strategies.

Our Primordial Strategy Is About Participative Entrepreneurship, Which Driveth To The Utilization Of bicalliscoins, ayxcoins, And Any Coin Generated With Back On Goods With Real Value And Services… Offered By Our Memebers.

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Contact Us At: bicallis@qdyrx.com

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